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My burger is your burger--go ahead...

My daughter Mallorie made friends with this sweet little girl. Sweet as can be, but there was this bacon sitting out from breakfast and I saw her snacking on it. I just went for the leftover McDonalds in the fridge--the burger with a single bite in it, but only half was left! I swear more was left than that. Terra, Mallorie, and Madison didn’t eat it. Hey,

mi casa es su casa I believe is the correct phrase. I always waited till I was offered something and still do. Being a kid was great though--going over to a friends house on a Sat., telling mom, “yeah sure, their parents will be home”, and then doing whatever we wanted--within reason. Of course, we were home when Mallorie’s friend was over.

Happy Halloween!

Going to rent movies from Redbox today. The only problem is--we aren't broke, but money is scarce behind the red thing that is the Credit Card. We've got cash, but because you know--I have to find another way to use the Redbox. First time users of redbox can use DVDONME or BREAKROOM. Other codes are available and they have to be hunted for.

Went to my kids (girls who are 7 and 9) fall festival Monster Mash at their school. They had a DJ in the gym--the lights were out and the who scene was resonant of a Highschool dance--where the gradschoolers--3-4th grade were on the edge of the dance floor trying to build up the courage to go out and dance. Didn't take them long. Most interesting costumes I saw--the wolf from little red riding hood, was some three foot kid. He looked like one of those wolfs (sp?) from the book The Shining--or dog-like creatures that growl or just look scary when the ballroom scene reaches its peak and everyone says 'Unmask!".
There was also a family dressed up as the E.T. cast. The mom explained things to us and then said 'get it?' or do you get it. Lets go over the cast--there is the mom in the leopard/cat costume complete with the ears and I think tail. There was little Gertie--as the cowboy girl. A very small kid with a sheet over him with the eyes cut, who I guess was coached to hobble a long as he walked. And then there was Eliot (sp?) who the mother was proud to say 'really is named Elliot'.The kid had his sweatshirt and smudged facepaint--who was initially a vampire, but has a smudged face from being up all night looking for E.T. And, of course there was E.T. in the kids backpack with a thumbs up sign. Reminded me of thumbs up dude in Kevin Smiths Dogma--not meaning to offend but if you like K. Smith movies you will know what I am talking about.

Girls had friends over for a sleepover. When they got sleepy two of them, on separate occasions claimed--no one was involving them in things--or paying attention to them or something like that. They were just sleepy. Malloried used to carry on about the trampoline--and not quite until I jumped on it with her, but she only did that when she was tired. I don't know--just want them all to be happy, which reminds me--there is a wife that needs help with something, so, time to do some dishes or something.

I'm writing tonight--I don't care if it's after Saturday Night Live--which probably won't be great anyway. I always hold out hope for something special, but funny moments on the show are rare.
I think the cats been up on the keyboard again. Nice sunny day out with a little bit of a breeze. It feels like a lazy day and a lets go to garage sales day, but I think lazy day is going to win. The girls are up already. I thought when I got up I would find fruity pebbles all over the counter, but nope, theyre mind wasn't on food, it was on an art project and drawing something. Might get pumpkins today to carve up.



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