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If you don't listen to 16 Volt...

...then you just don't listen to 16 Volt

25 November 1973
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I started out writing with a Smith Carona, then I got a Pentium II, and then I got something every writer should have--an AlphaSmart NEO. The best part about the NEO is--it only takes three double A's (I think, I never have to change the batteries, so I forget how many it takes), and it run's forever. It will run for 700 hours which is enough writing to cover atleast a year and a half, one hour a day, if not more. Please do not check my math on that one, because I'm not, because I hate math. Let's just say it's the miracle tool. I can write anywhere, anyplace and it comes with a handy program so I can transfer my files to and from it. Unless it's a Pentium II with windows 98 (not Second Edition), then one must get more simplified programs to work it, but it will work. And, unlike the IPOD, the tech support is FREE, FREE, FREE. And the tech consultants are very computer savy, knowledgable, and provide flawless support.

I am now a student and the institute of children's litterature. I guess people who write well can apply to this course--then it is up to them whether or not you get accepted. It's expensive, but my writing has gotten better, though I am currently struggling with describing things. I want my descriptions to pull away from the pack and stand out. I don't want to be just another writer. No one is a boring writer really. Everyone has something to say. It's just, some people can 'show' a lot better than others and that kind of writing for me--is the most fun to read. I want to write like that. With beautiful descriptions with lots of action and dialogue (showing).